[quote] - "I distracted myself with some groaning"

"Otherwise we'd just be standing around and groaning all day. We do a  lot of standing around and groaning. Years pass this way. The flesh withers on our bones and we stand here, waiting for it to go. I often wonder how old I am."

"Last winter, when so many Living joined the Dead and our prey became scarce, I watched some of my friends become full-dead. the transition was undramatic. They just slowed down, then stopped, and after a a while I realised they were corpses. It disquieted me at first, but it's against etiquette to notice when one of us dies. I distracted myself with some groaning."

Isaac Marion - "Warm Bodies" - Kindle Edition - Print Edition: 256 Seiten - Vintage Digital - 14. Oktober 2010 - Englisch - ASIN: B0043D2D8M
Print: ISBN-10: 0099549344 -  ISBN-13: 978-0099549345

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