coffee content: the Love of my mornings - Giovanni

I'm not a morning person - propably the thing people notice first when they meet me before I've had my first coffee. Luckily those are only good friends and family, as I usually had my first coffee before I go outside meeting and greeting the world.

Within the last weeks I tend to get mails, instant messages and so on from my US-friends asking me who the hell Giovanni is and if I have an affair, as google translation is not really helping with my blog texts about this.

Well, yeah, I have. This goes on for long and its mainly an morning affair. My boyfriend knows about this, he even introduced me to Giovanni.
He bought Giovanni from his first salary three or four years ago. It was love at first sight.

To clear things up: Giovanni is my coffee machine and therefor my love affair in the mornings. Though nowadays I drink tea first before I start with coffee. Well aging doesn't stop for me and so some quirks come with time.

Before you ask - yes I still wear not matching socks, I still go to churches for their art and architecture, I change my hair color at will and day dream much too often... Hope that cleared some things up... Love to hear from you, hope you overlook the mistakes I make. People tend to speak German with me every day and so my english vanishes... sorry for that!

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