after work ramble

Not my working place on work (which is extremely secret), but the one at home (while writing my diploma)
There are some minor points on my job I hate ever since I started... For once i hate adjusting a webpage for the ie-browser. You need to be awfully patient and it's just very extrermily tinkering to push around pixels that doesn't behave like they should according to their css. It's not that I don't like "my" webpage to look good on every machine, it's also a predjudice I have against those users (Yeah, well I'm not a racist, I'm more or less tolerant to religion, sexuality or politic views, but I can't overcome those). My first instinct from day one was to just give the user a nice automatic transfer telling him politely to f***ing get a useful browser. But then this is my job, it is why this job needs a specialist to be done for a professionel website. Nevertheless on those days I'm not so relaxed, I'm jumpy and easy to piss off with minor problems. It's a bit like when you were young your mom told you to tidy up under your bed. Your friends would never see the mess, but for those nosy aunts would notice.
But yeah, todays sunshine helped a bit.


Kalliope hat gesagt…

Ja, das Kreuz mit der Pflicht... Dennoch muss ich ja sagen, dass du das einfach nur wunderschön beschrieben hast. :)

momo hat gesagt…

dankeschön, lieb von von dir. manche tage stressen einen eben einfach mehr. gut wenn man dann einen blog hat als kleines ventil ;-)