strange things

Ever since I'm working I'm taking the tram every morning. Today - as was the International Women's Day  - I was congratulated by a stranger - in Italian. He was quite happy that I was understanding his words, though I couldn't answer in his language but he understood English quite well. So that was nice, especially since it sounded really fancy in this particular language.

On my way home though some younger guy sat down next to me, although there was quite some seats left, but I was reading the end of a book, so I didn't cared much anyway. Unfortunately he started talking to me courageously without even introducing himself, but the worst was, that he started to touch me. He was trying to be sneaky, but it started to bother me. Luckily I needed to switch trams anyway, but after all that I sneaked in some shopping to make up for that.

So I'm ending this special day - even if my usual book my dad is sending me every year on this day hasn't arrived yet - with some strawberries and some quickly made tiramisu. So ladys night since the knight is of anyway.

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