Happy Valentines

As usual I spend the day(s) before valentines baking special valentines muffins, which are decorated with a special pink cream cheese frosting, that I love way too much. But the good thing about muffins that they are easily carried to school/work and therefor are a (pink) reminder of that day. Cheesy? Well, yeah, but what the heck not - for just one day? Otherwise I'm eating them at home.
Since my personal hero is quite busy these days I decided he deserved a special treat, so I got him his favorite sweets of my favorite brand accompanied by a little teddy, which awaited him at breakfast. I do like to surprise him every now and then.
I guess we probably will go out for dinner tonight, and I reckon that it probably will be at his favorite choice - Italian. Fine by me, Pasta is always a fantastic choice, and maybe there will be tiramisu at the end.
How are you celebrating, if at all? I know some of you are quite opoosed to that holiday, but hey, as you know, I'm a sucker for every holiday, so I take every opportunity for some sweets or a different surprise.

Anyway, happy valentines to ya all, I would share a muffin, but since this is a blog I can only do so virtualy. But help yourself, they are quite good, if I may say so myself...

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