Let's talk about the weather

Yeah, I know, stupid subject. But I'm sick of people telling me, that they want spring. For Pete's sake, it's January, which means on the northern part of this world it is winter, at least until March. For those who don't live in Germany, I need to explain, that we have had a lot of snow and cold temperatures from the beginning of December and throughout the beginning of January. Then it started to get warmer and the snow melted, rivers swelled and there were flooding.
But now everybody is telling me that spring is near, shops sell flowers like crazy, everything is decorated in green and fresh colors. It drives me mad. Its winter and I like snowflakes, I like cold temperatures and it's definitely the appropriate time for this. There will be enough time for spring and such, and I'm sure sun will be shining. For now, maybe all those people should check their lighting, I have some very nice warm lights and I painted my sleeping room in a bright orange. Yes, on those grey, rainy days I also miss the sun, but I also like the cozyness of those days.

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