interviewed II

I was asked to to this "interviewed" thing again, which I did over a year ago. So here it is, we will see what changed. I was asked to change some of the 26 questions, so that it isn't the same all the way ...

1.First thoughts this morning while looking into the mirror.
Since it is Sunday I haven't looked in a mirror today, but sure as hell it would be that i need to comb my hair desperately.

2. How much money do you own right now?
In my pockets there probably are less than ten bucks... I tend to shop with my credit card,  strangely enough I don't spend so much then.

3. a word which rhymes to "say"
I'd say day...

4. Your favorite place on earth?
I always wanted to see New Zealand or Japan. If you ask about the places I've seen, it's Norway (especially Oslo and Geirangerfjord) or Nevada, USA. Both places have lots of enrgy just because of the colors. Love it.

5. Who is the fourth missed call on your phone?
It's one of my best friends I call Annilein.

(I'll cut this here, if you want to read more, check out the link beneath)

6. What's the ringtone of your cell?
It still is the old bell, and sometimes a song, but those seem to get on my nerve quickly.

7. What shirt are you wearing?
It's sunday morning, so it's still my pyjamas, light blue with a little stitched Snoopy on its front.

8. What lies direct in front of you?
The breakfasttable with its contest, and my mac, called granny smith.

9. Name someone, who just comes to mind:
My sister, who I wait to wake up, so I can call her and help her to put something on ebay.

10. Is your room dark or light?
It's my living room, which is a light vanilla-color with some light beige mixed in, and a terracotta bordure lining around.

11. Are you wearing nailpolish?
Yes, yesterday i bought three new colors. A dark olive one, I ried on my right hand, a taupe color, which is on my left nails. I also bought a dark chocolaty color.

12. What did you do last midnight?
My hero watched boxing so i was reading some fanfics of my iphone.

13. what says the last sms you've got?
Its from my sister telling me, she needs some help with ebay.

14. what is the number of your house?
Still nine, and it still doesn't belong me, the house that is.

15. Which word do you use the most?
Hmh, i don't knwo right now. I guess I don't have one these days.

16. Who told you, he/she loved you last?
Still my hero, last night when we went to sleep.

17. The last fury thing you've touched?
One of my bunnies, probably George, since Emma seems touchy these days.

18. How many drugs did you used within the last 3 days:
Lots and lots of coffee, this time there is no  puff of a smoke, since I try to stop for good. And I had a glass of whine on Friday.

19. Quote the refrain/chorus of a song you are listining right now:
No refrain, the last i listen to was a soundtrack of Ennio Morricone, whose music I love. Google him...

20. Best age of your life so far:
I like my age right now, I finished university and life will change with the new job. Guess that will be exciting and new.

21. You're worst enemy?
And still my best friend.... chocolate. (same answer)

22. What is on your desktopbackground?
Just plain orange/terracotta paint. It's fall.

23. What was the last you've said to someone?
What's that, when my hero brought in a new tv to test for his work.

24. Choosing between a million dollar and beeing able to fly?
I'd still choose the million, because than i'd be able to fullfill more whishes than just to fly.

25. Do you like somebody?
I guess they are still the same people, they haven't changed a lot since the last interview. But I'm still more into having few good friends, but those i trust completely.

26. The song, you are you listening right now, is:
It's TV since my hero is trying the new set. It some history documentation. I rarely watch TV live, I list my favorite things on a timer, and watch whenever I feel like. So much more comfortable, this way.

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