5 things i hate about fall

About a year ago, I started this list thing, but totally forgot about it... But recently I've noticed, that those are read more often, and my mind kind of works in lists sometimes. So I will continue...
1) those constant swings with the weather.
(It belongs to April and then I can appreciate it.)

2) the wind.
(I love rain, a love thunderstorms, but those constant gusts drive me crazy. And around my flat, the wind makes constant disturbing noises, rattling on the fire escape and stuff.)

3) my mood swings. I never really suffered of spring fever but I get moody within fall.
(It's just that I seem to loose motivation in some way. It's harder to do things just for me. But soon December starts, which is like my favorite month of the year.)

4) Since I'm so into christmas things and since I love to get people very personalized advent calenders, I tend to have lots and lots to do.

5) I'm freezing the whole time.
(In winter that's fine. But right now, it's like my body isn't sure weather to be hot or cold. It's still to warm to wear thick sweaters, but my wardrobe doesn't seem to be adjusted for that inbetween and maybe I'm just not into that kind of clothes.)

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