10 things i like about me

While I'm looking for a job right now, I am forced to think about my weaknesses as well as my strengths. I've already posted a list about the things I hate about myself (which are more located within my personal life), so it's time to think about the good parts (which I separated in two parts).:

- workwise -
1) I'm creative, I always were. Teachers or adults in general always emphasized on that, telling me I need to work within art later in life. Well, I noticed that I do like being creative, and designing, visually composing comes easily for me, I also need the mental challenge of work. I like to think. Therefor studying media & computer science was the perfect combination of my talent and my need.
2) Within that I'm truly patient and kind of perfectionist. What I sometimes lack in personal life kind of miraculously comes to me at those points.
3) I'm interested in new things, I'm curious and i want to know how it's done, no matter if I have to work hard for it. I never go the easy way. Like I never chose the easy exams, I challenged myself to pass the ones that fit into my plan of my education, even if that meant, that I wasn't passing with an 1.0 degree. I know that might not be noticeable within my degree but it is for me and it makes me proud. And i guess that makes me more the person I liked to be whether was the best move or not.
4) I consider myself to be a team player but I never rely on other peoples work. Like I always check, before I set my own work onto other people work. But if I trust one person workwise that truly inspires my work. Therefor I like smaller groups more than huge, because it kind of prevents mistakes that slip through when people don't work as perfectionist as I do.
5) I'm honest, especially within my work. I don't think diplomacy helps a lot, constructive criticism is much more helpful. But I have come to realization, that it is also helping to first point out the good parts, so the other one knows what not to change. It also helps the working atmosphere. But if something is a one way, than it doesn't help anybody if you go on on that road.

- personal -
6) I have few good friends, but those continued in my life for quite some time. I especially have good friends that are locally distant to me. I don't have to hear from them constantly, but I know they come to me, when in trouble or when they need someone they trust. It's good to have a reliable net to fall back onto and I hope that those know about it.
7) I have huge imagination and fantasy. I guess that comes with my creative part of myself. I can imagine almost everything and it kind of makes life exciting. I like to try new things and therefor a blank peace of paper doesn't scare me.
8) I definitely have no compulsion or need to control things, I would consider myself an organizer of controlled chaos. Too much structure deadens creativity, but too less will also drown it. It's about balance, as everything in life.
9) I'm into cultural stuff. I like that I live in a big city, which isn't too big. I read a whole lot, and I write. I photograph and I draw. I like cinema and I like opera. I like comedy and drama. I guess it's the mental challenge. My mind is always racing and thinking about stuff, so I do need outlet for that, but it is also inspired by thing I experience.
10) Overall I'm pretty nice, probably too nice in some aspects. I like my life harmonized. I'm not into big drama. I'd rather step back if something causes a lot of problems. That might be also a weakness but I consider life too short to fight over little things that can be overlooked and worked with or solved without a huge fight.  Therefor you can say I can adjust to situations, but if it bothers me much, I can step up for myself.

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