in between: here's the thing...

i would have thought that after that dreadful stressful time of actually writing the diploma i would have time and even more inner peace to blogg more.
the truth is i'm not peaceful at all.

firstly bureaucratic stuff came in the way and nearly killed all of my nerves and i even feared not to graduade at all due to some missing credits(hours) that i actually took. but, well, as usual papers got missing. lucky enough my studium lastet long enough for me to have done all this extra classes and hours. but of course some of them weren't actually mentioned in "their" path... so yeah... lots and lots of stress where it hadn't been needed...

secondly i'm still... well... tired... finishing the last paper of university is dreadful... because you know this has to be the best and perfect paper you will ever write (well except if you decide to doctorate). this paper is what you'll be judged on academicwise.. yeah i know, i have done all the exams and test and i was much more frightend then, but papers weighs more on me... it almost had me choked... and then you're finished... and waiting for defending your paper... well there are things to do.. but the weight is still not lifted... it's really hard to explain, but i still feel like small alice and the world seems to big, if you allow me this picture.

(btw i saw the blue ray of alice in wonderland by tim burton and loved it... as pretty much all his works... so fantastic and his fantasy is in some ways straight from my mind... like he actually took a look into it... just plain weird)

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