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 you may have noticed, that this blogg was quiet for a bit over a week now.
(maybe some of you already know, but those who don't, might wonder.)

the reason for this is a sad one. a week ago, on a wednesday, one of my beloved bunnies died. whoopi was more like a dog, she knew her name and came at her call, she greeted us, when we arrived and was quite the troublemaker. she was the chaosqueen of our home for sure.
she is now burried with her beloved miss albrecht under the lavender, and hopefully i'll see her as a bunny shaped cloud during the summer.

so this and all the time the diploma is consuming, is keeping me from writing here. as i will scoop up some energy somewhere, i'll continue posting. hopefully soon.

just wanting to let you know, why it's a bit quiet around here.


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