sorry, I'm busy

yeah yet again, i'm very sorry, but I'm seriously busy with univesity stuff. Yeah for some writing a diploma is about motivation starting, and doing the research. for me it is havin something that is totally mine. I'm totally absorbed and liking a lot what I do. Though I do not sleep a lot. And especially within the last weeks I worked 16hours a day continuosly. So I'm sorry if you missed content here. I'm really sorry, and I hope I do find some time in between to give you at leats a bit of an update.
And yes I'm still in the P52 Projekt, and I have lots and lots of ideas. I even had some serious foto sessions ith Iiro. But I didn't have time to play with photoshop creating the collages. I will however work on that. I may not be able to do all weeks. But I'll do the ones I like most. Even if it will be much later.

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