in between: it's getting longer but also more satisfying

209.993 words - 39 chapters - 645 pages
still, nowhere even close to an end, anyway, right now i'm torn. I got asked by readers if i would let them read a chapter or so, and some asked even if i would puplish that in my blogg. Well, the thing is, it's not finished yet, and to be honest, it probably will take a year to do so, and i will probably even take another year to fix some of it. 
but yes, there are some chapters i do love much, but i'm afraid it still sparked with mistakes nevertheless. so maybe i'll be over that selfconscious when i'm not that terribly stressed, and i might publish some lines, though not a whole chapter. we'll see. but I appreciate your curiosity and your nice mails. thanks a lot. 
if i decide to let you have a peek, it will be definitely here.

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