update of my life

november was pretty exhausting and even devastating, so i did not achieve all of my goals.

surprisingly and without forewarning, one of my beloved bunnies died in the middle of november. there was nothing we could do to save her and since it was a holiday here in saxony, we were not able to find a vet fast enough to save her. she died within my arms and is now resting und the lavendel in the garden.

well, i failed. i only wrote about 8.000 words on my new story, but i managed to write about 24.000 more on my bigger story, i'm working on since the middle of this year and i#m very excited about this story. so maybe the new one wasn't as thought through and isn't ready to be told. i will have it in the back of my head where it will be brewing some more. in the meantime i find it very rewarding to complete my long story. it's even as much fun writing it as it is reading a new book, i waited for so long.

new bunny.
to comfort my left-alone-lady, who was constantly searching for her albrecht, i needed to take action. so i called and visited a lot of animal shelters within my area and found a very sweet bunny in ostrau. he is still to be named, but i'm thinking it will be george (clooney) or giovanni or leonardo, he has definetly broke the heart of my whoopi within seconds. yesterday he was neutered, so we can socialize the two, without having ten bunnies within the next months. but the new one is such a cutie.

i'm writing on my diploma, reading background and doing the first steps. i'm very fond of not being alone in it, and think it is very motivating to have someone to talk to and work on one project. i'm so much more a teamworker and it keeps me working constantly. right now i'm getting to do some creative stuff.

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