people keep asking me, about my bookshelf. when they see it, well, mainly they are just stunned. but i always get the question, if i read all of them.
well, of course not, which is because some of the books refer more to my boyfriend, and others are strictly mine. but we do have a lot of overlaps in our taste in books, so overall we both might have read 70% each. or in other words all books have been read by either one of us or even lots by both of us.
and then i get ask, how many of my books are english, which is much more difficult to answer, since i do not separate them. I don't care whether i read in english or german, i mainly prefer the original language, but i also found fantastic translation of books. right know i mainly buy english fantasy-romantasy, in between-books. first there is not much chance that boyfriend will like them, so what the hell, and second they are cheaper and third, right now english is easier for me to read. i read a lot of specialistic books for university and they are german. so that separates my reading for pleasure from work related. but if i had to make a guess probably 1/10th to 1/5th might be english.

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