Well, I guess i did something not very responisble... I'm pretty much off, to sign my last assignment for my university! Since i finally passed all - and i literally mean all - test, and exams, and assesments and all that shit that comes with my study I'm only one step away from the big goal finally being a Dipl.Inf., which will be added to my name. I only need to write the paper called Diploma. Well, I do like my asignement, I do like my collegue and it's a hell of work, still i couldn't resist...

All the advertising and challenging of people i follow on twitter or/and youtube or/and their bloggs had me -
I try to write a novel of at least 50.000 words in November - a thing called "NaNoWriMo".
as i don't already have a story i've been writing for half a year now... much much bigger than this, but still my brain somehow has enough space for more, and as the other one, since last night it wants to come out. it's not in my power to held it back. Well, since the other has not stopped me from passing all the things, i even considered it helping me... it's worth an attempt, isn't it?

I'm not sure, if i'm allowed to post part of the story, little excerpts here, but if i let you inside it a bit.

Oh and by the way, thanks to all who have made me so curious and challenged me with their bloggs... I blame it on you, but i also thank you very much, i would have never ever done it, without that ... oh yeah, and the damn dream last night... thank you lilly...

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