my first graphic novel

due to my last exams i also had to make myself comfortable with comics and how the pictures in it are working in communicating with the reader. I always wanted to know the difference to a graphic novel and i pretty much stumbled across this one, because i was reading the "mercy thompson"-serie by patricia briggs, which i came to love instantly.
The world described is pretty much floated by fantastic creatures like elves, werewolves and vampires, but the main character mercy tries to stay out of it. Though she knows about it, since she was raised by a werewolf coven. But since she does not fit into that description, she came to live in the tri-state-area, only to neighbor the leader of the local werewolf coven.
The series is brilliantly written - i came to love the characters instantly. I like how mercy reacts on the little catastrophes happening in her life, how the others characters are described, but always leaving a bit to imagine for yourself. I've read the first three books within 2 weeks of my vacation and i craved for the fourth, the soon i was home again.

Since the next book (05 - Silver Borne) is only due in April next year, the Graphic Novel shows us her upbringing, the story behind all the other books, which we only get in little pieces, now summarized and beautifully illustrated by Francis Tsai and Amelia Woo.
I did become a fan of graphic novels due to this book and i guess i will search more distinctive for such coincidence .
btw: the novel added very nicely into my exams and got me grade 1,3 (which is only next to the best grade there is), so thanx for that.

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