1.First thoughts this morning while looking into the mirror.
i need to wash my hair, and maybe i should dye it soon again.

2. How much money do you own right now?
within my pockets? maybe sth. close to twenty bucks.

3. a word which rhymes to "key"
free (thanks god i'm not doing this in german)
(maybe schlüssel... schüssel will do)

4. your favorite planet?
WTF? i never thought of that. maybe saturn, because of the rings.

5. who is the fourth missed call on your phoneß
ups, i just deleted it, but either me best friend or the hero of my life

6. what's the ringtone of your cell?
its either rings like an old englisch telephone bell or it talks like a duck

7. what shirt are you wearing?
not a shirt, more a dress

8. what lies direct in front of you?
my mac, called granny smith.

9. name someone, who just comes to mind:
albrecht, my female bunny, since it is sitting right beside me.

10. is your room dark or light?
this one is orange/red (sleeping room) is this light or dark, i say it's colourful

11. are you wearing nailpolish?
yes, but it has no colour.

12. what did you do last midnight?
probably sleeping, therefor probably dreaming,
but maybe i was kissing my hero good night, who knows when i slept.

13. what says the last sms you've got?
my hero told me he is on his way home.

14. what is the number of your house?
nine, but it isn't mine.

15. which word do you use the most?
probably "mörps", but i'm not sure it is a word.

16. who told you, he/she loved you last?
my hero, but i'm sure albrecht would do it, if been able to talk. she licked my hand just now.

17. the last fury thing you've touched:
probably the bunny next to me.

18. how many drugs did you used within the last 3 days:
lots of coffee, i guess a puff of a smoke, and a bit alcohol.

19. quote the refrain/chorus of a song you are listining right now:
its kinda quiet right now, no itunes on
last thing with a chorus probably this:

"You know sometimes
Life ist too damn hard
So hard we just lose ourselves
Just remember life is everyday
Live your heart and you will find your way
So please give love a chance to grow
Wake up one morning
And there aint no more
So please
Dont let me lose control"

cause i don't think "never think" has a chorus.

20. best age of your life so far:
guess, my year within the us, i was 18 going 19,
cause i was there to enjoy life and to choose waht to do with my life.

21. you're worst enemy?
and my best friend.... chocolate.

22. what is on your desktopbackground?
green gras from very close and some water dropping from it.

23. what was the last you've said to someone?
are you hungry??? to my hero.

24. choosing between a million dollar and beeing able to fly?
i'd choose the miilion, cause i' coluld fly with that, and maybe even jump bungee or something like that

25. do you like somebody?
a lot of people, but i'm very rare with trusting people.

26. the song, you are you listening right now, is:
still silence,
but my playlist says, i will listening to rob pattinson very soon again. i just love his voice. very sexy.

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