in between statement - lady gaga

can somebody please explain me the lady-gaga-phenomenon? first of all i don't get the sexyness, but this might be a problem of gender. but she doesn't even look intelligent (though i know she has written numerous hits), maybe slightly moe than paris hilton. what's with the wig, why has nobody cut the fringe right? and what's with all the costumes, it always feels like she adds everything she's not using anymore? and this dance, though i admit that this pokerface-gesture is at least connected to the lyric. yeah that's your face. and last of all, i hate the music, i'm sorry, but this is making me sick.

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Anne hat gesagt…

Nicht umsonst muss ihr Papa angeblich weinen, wenn er seine Tochter auf der Bühne sieht. So gelesen bei GMX.