10 things ... i hate about women

this list inspired by some bloggs i read more or less frequently. i can think of a lot of lists like that, so i guess, i'll continue this.

1) women, who wake up (on purpose) earlier than their men just to fake the mystery being just so beautyful after waking up
(and i know some who do, this is just crazy)
2) women who's biggest problem is what to wear
(yeah sometimes i have that problem too, but about 10 minutes later my life is too complicated to worry about clothes)
3) women who have fantastic natural nails claiming to do all necessary household duties
(I'm just terribly jealous and don't believe it anyway)
4) women who can eat everything without gaining weight
(it's just so unfair)
5) women telling me fact number 4
(it makes me wanna scream and bite their head off)
6) women in perfect shape telling me that they are too fat.
(you may think so, but when you're telling this me, it's just bragging)
7) women who like music from celine dion or something like that
(they all make me feel like i need to switch gender, it's just so emberassing. you know you put this huge pink bubble over all of us)
8) women who like obsessivly pink
(if you had any idea how this color feels to me, you would understand)
9) women who are constantly gossiping about how other people look (dresses, figure, hairstyle, shoes, walks, talks and so on)
(it's about you and the mirror and maybe your scale and your mind, btw you can do this just by eyeing someone and it hurts just as much, so stop it. it is no competition at all, you might feel better that second, but that not solve your problem.)
10) women with no sense of humor whatsoever.
(i just can't be close to anyone who takes life much too serious, and yes i can laugh about a good joke on women.)

11) women who can't do any handywork, it's not that complicated. you do not need a man to hang a picture on the wall or to follow directions from ikea to set up a closet or anything. at least fucking try, you're not helpless.

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