10 things i hate about me

1) i'm very lazy, literally. And i even love being lazy, there is this side in me that can dream just about anything just by closing my eyes, and even without i still can have vivid daydreams
2) things get to me too easily. like i can work myself up for nothing and i cry very easily. movies, books, tv, nobody is even thinking about crying and i'm already in tears.
3) sometimes i'm demotivated even though i shouldn't be, it sucks, but it's really hard for me to get over with.
4) my inner swine is about the size of a dinosaur, i named it nessie.
5) when i watch tv my face looks strange, at least that's what i'm told. i try very hard to have it smooth, but i fail all the time.
6) i'm not very good with tyding up, I'm chaotic and i'm a monster.
7) i'm very bad when it comes to remembering stuff.
8) i do not recognize people, like even those close to me, if i'm supposed to meet them in a crowd i will not recognize without them making very huge signs
9) some of my genes should be banished from the planet
10) i like to do too many things at one time, which always ends in something chaotic

but really, i am a very nice person, totally chaotic and you need some inner strength to put up with me, but once in a while I'm told that's worth it. so thanks to those who put up with me, i love you.

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