beein' creative on canvas again

i was giving a friend with a very white flat the idea of art for his birthday, telling him "i will paint three pictures for you, which will bring some color into your living room". to my abashment i have to admit, that this friend will have birthday to soon again. so i was in kind of a hurry, but it was also then i realized, that i hadn't been creative on canvas in a long while. i'm pretty much always am doing creative things within my universitystuff, but it mostly and naturally has to do with the computer. but i kinda need the creatitivity on canvas, too. i guess there is some thruth in it, that my art professors tried to delure me into an art studium. having this white canvas which probably has now idea what it will be. me holding the pen, holding the brush, and then my subconcious is taking over and tell m the decisisions in color and sometimes even motives. i just experienced how badly i missed that. within a week two of the three pictures were kinda finished. i will finish the three of them together, since at the end, i guess i will look at them together and probably will find something i will have to change.
above you see the first picure in the process. i really like the black & white one, though the whole idea of bringing color into my friends flat is kinda lost there. but i think about, having some gingo in my rooms as well. we'll see.

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