another friday the thirteenth

okay, again, nothing bad happend to me so far.i mean, there are still some hours left, and i still need to go foodshopping.
but hey, since i was an accident waiting to happen last weekend. it started early with breakfast. i own this italian macchina-coffee-machine. i even still own some italian coffee for it from my last visit there. so on special occasion i make some coffee in it. like last sunday. i had it ready, i even remembered to put some trivet under it ('cause it's real kind of hot). everyone was settled on the table and i reach for some rolls when i shattered the machine with coffee on the floor - the parquetfloor. the wooden floor was damaged, there was boiling hot coffee on this wood and my bare foot. fantastic, and i didn't even had some... i spilled the coffee before having a sip. this is my definition of a bad day.
but today i had my coffee. i didn't spill anything yet and i had a salad, a good one, too. so happy friday thirteenth.

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