red head

as i mentioned earlier i turned red again. after nearly two years of not being red, since the sea in italy washed out the real red the summer before the last. i was blond nearly year, though i was told in some reddish way, however this is possibly. this fall i turned brown, first nougat and then chocolate-ish. when you shouldn't eat it, you can always try wearing it.
however this isn't quite me. i turned real red again, funny enough the day i saw the paramore single "decode" on mtv (i've got the mtv package with all the 7 mtv programms which really airs music) where singer hayley is having real red hair contrasting with the real green forest. i swear i had the color already on the head while seeing it the first time. but guess, that's says something. if nature would be fair, i would be a real redhead, but hey, thanx to the industry i can fix that.
btw: feels real good to be red again. feels like me again.
second btw: real good music. loving her voice but the music real hit's it off.

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