momo needs

... your prayers (yeah pray for me, since i'm not religious at all, you have to do all the work)
... home asap (i have a home, thanks for that, but if you have a fantatstic flat with huge balcony, write me, asap (as soon as possible))
... your yuletide generosity (yes, i love christmas presents, send them to me. but please without going on that website,)
... to pee (yeah, once in a while i need to pee. wow. who would have known. though i like my privacy there)
... a home (again? i already told you, i have a real nice one. but again, find me a better one, i'll consider.)
... to be playing more games (am, yeah i like to play, but don't make it a very sporty one.)
... him most (yes, i love my hero and i would say, i need (and like) him to be with me most of the time. though i can be on my own.)
... to convince Shimboree's brother Pipiru to let someone ride on his back (what the heck does that mean. i most certainly do not need somebody on my back. go find another ones.)
... daily medication (okay, for the last weeks i needed some aspirins, but not on a daily basis.)
... input about a product (oh, if you'd like to spend some money on me.. please go ahead. (and yes i know, this was not meant))

... to be washed first (thanks for reminding, i was about to go anyway, but if you insist, i will shower asap)

this baton was found at lightdots, while looking on pictures for the Projekt 52.
so google what you need ("... needs/braucht") and list the first ten hits. you may comment them. very funny.

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lightdot hat gesagt…

Really funny. Thanks for taking part. :-)