friday the 13th...

... and i don't care at all. 'cause i can have my worst day anytime, surprisingly, and i sure have much more than there will be fridays, the 13th, in my entire live. because my life is continuely telling me about why normal is real good.
like let me tell me of the last weekend (saturday to be more precisely), when i went out to get some medicine for my really sick boyfriend. so i got in the car, drove to the shopping centre, got to the pharmacy ... just to realize that i've forgotten my wallet at home. so i hoped to have some change in the car for paying the parking fee, which after half an hour i've found. so i went home, got the wallet, got in the car again, drove again to the shopping centre in the inner city ... where i did not arrive. this was because a tire burst.
you would have thought, that i realized that, because i somehow imagined that i would loose total control over the car, but nothing like that happend. i only realized because people startet to stare on me, and while going over the citybridge it sounded weird. so i took the first parking spot, so when i slowed down i was sure to have i burst tire. so i instantly went into frustration and i tend to cry when i do.
so my really sick boyfriend (talking about hero and knight at this moment) had to safe me by changing the tire with spare wheel. while waiting for him to come by public transportation, i've had a whole lot of "older" people (infact they were all man) coming to my carwindow, asking me, if i know, that i've got a flat tire. what do you answer at such a sharp conclusion... "no sir, i happend to sit here in the car in that parking spot every saturday all messed up? " i mean, it seems like a good way to spend your time...

anyway. so my hero changed the tire(i should add that the spare wheel is for summer only), we went to the shopping centre, which of course had no parking space available. so i took the next one (the real expensive one, nearby), got out, byuing the medicine i intended to buy about some hours ago. then of course i dropped my sick hero of at home just to drive by several (how would you call them?) tire-shops, which were of course mostly closed by now.
and there happend a miracle. the last automobile garage was opened, had the needed tires and even was the cheapest while being able to repair the car in an instance.
so after a whole day averything was back to normal... and i really like normal after such a day. though it really killed that day. and you see, i'm so not in need of an friday (yet a friday who has to be on then 13th of a month) to get within a real mess ot a catastrophe of my own.

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