snow snow snow - happy momo

i'm always happy when it snows. i dunno where this comes from, my mum says, this affections might be grounded in the weatherconditions when i was born - long logn time ago. it was a sunday, it was freezing (and i mean really fucking freezing) cold outside, and there was ice and snow. lots of it.
i'm told, that there are people who can smell snow, before falling. for me snow always comes as a surprise. a really good one. it makes me happy with the instant i see it.
somehow my heart feels real warm and i gut a happy-hormone-boost nothing else can compare to. some might find that sad, i really appreciate this reaction. snow makes everything better. even if its cold. and this is really funny since i'm freezing my butt off most of my time. other people get good feelings from the sun, and surely i also produce vitamin d by sitting there and surely this is nice- but snow gives me better feelings. from the inside. maybe from the soul. who knows. snow is for me the best aanti-depressive-thing there is. maybe i should move to alaska or norway.

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