opening the first window in my advent calender

since i know this tradition isn't very popular within the US, here a peek on my very own first window.
santa claus is still 24 days away, so i got santa bear for the waiting time including some very nice nougatlike sweets. looking forward for tomorrow.

to make you real jealous, this year i own 3 calenders: one from my sweety, one by my beloved once-to-be-mother-in-law and another one just for us.
but this only possible since i make 4 calenders each year myself: one for my sweety, one for the parents and once-to-be-parents-in-law (because parents deserve beeing granted at least once a year) and of course for my best friend, since she is coping with my not-so-easy-to-handle-myself(s). and this year there are 4 lucky people happy enough to recieve an email-calender by me - hopefully continuously.

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