christmastree 2008

one of the tradition i kept from my being in the U.S. was having a christmastree during the whole december.
since i'm at my once-to-be-parents-in-law the days before christmas (22/23/24th) and at my parents over the holidays, i wouldn't get one keeping the german way. and i always think it's a pitty havin' the tree just so shortly, since i love sitting next a tree inside my flat.
anyway yesterday i bought my this-years-tree. and what should i say? as usually it's the best one ever. not so big with a bit over 2m (for my us-readers, this should be something like 6.5ft). it's again the first one seen (not counting the 55€-tree at the showroom) and a lot of other customers were waiting for me to put it down while searching for a better one. but as i know me, i kept the first one, dragging it behind me. and i didn't found a better one. same procedure as every year.

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