this is for michelle, rochelle, bernada and so on...

... i am very glad of your hopes come true and i'm very happy that i've been wrong thinking 'america will first have an female president before beeing ready for a black one'. i am truly happy that you were right and i truly hope that barak obama will fight for your rights and a better life for you all. you truly deserve that. i am speechless for that clear vote for obama, that shows that your were right: america has changed since my beeing there 2000/2001. and i am glad that you haven't had to wait until beeing grandmothers. i'm still fearing that he will be one of the presidents having to live with (attempted) assassination troughout his career - but i hope i'm wrong. he has definetly changed the way of a lot straight forwarded people beginning to think more liberal and i believe this will change a whole nation. maybe americans really believed more deeply in their rights of liberty and the real meaning of it than i thought.
i hope i will hear more positive news from you and i truly hope that this change will show in all of your lifes for the better.
yours sincerly mo

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