if you are wondering what's up and new with me, please be patient.
if you're lucky you might get my final(without final music) dvd any day now, which i'm currently exporting and rendering. this is kinda timeconsuming therefor i'm nearly camping at special faculty computing center, but i'm out of luck... the computers there seem to hate me.. i'm up there from dawn till dusk and later on, but since 4 days without having real success... so if i succeed some day now, i'll let you know by then,,,

@ eicke: i've recieved your card.. my parents got it about two or three weeks ago, and sent it to me last week, but i haven't got around scanning it as requested... one reason might be, that i seem to have it stored quite good between my importat stuff for university... i'm still haven't found it after storing it that well. so please be patient once again.

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