ekeskog - ä droum

anyone who knows me, knows about my affection to one special couch. i met ekeskog first time 2000 in an ikea-store in new york, ny. it's one of these american very comfy couch, where a couch is still looking like a damn couch.
guess what, i now offically own one.. it's used... i would have liked it to be a new one , but - guess what - they don't f***in' produce them anymore...it took some hard days to find one, a (nearly) heartattack at the nearest ikeastore, where they told me, they don't have them anymore... some depressions afterwards.... and after i bought it used, it still needed to come home to me. but all was worth it... sitting and realxing on it, was ALL worth it... I LOVE IT... THIS COUCH MAKES ME HAPPY....

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