there is no much i'm addicted to,
i nearly gave up smoking,
i drink less alcohol than when i started studying...
i stopped gambling when i realized in vegas, that i kinda cannot stopp before my money is gone...
but i'm still addicted to some tv-series... as the german comedian michael mittermeier would say, i'm a tv-junkie.

today is the day of the last episode of GILMORE GIRLS in germany... somehow these days are really sad to me - when long time series end. it's not only that there is no more story of the characters to see.. it's more that the rituals end too...
years ago, it was tuesday evenings... gilmore-time.
since last year, that are the friday evenings... it's one or two evenings a week, i really look forward to be a couchpotato watching those series.... with chocolate and/or a hot chocolate or some alcohol. there is probably not other tv-show where you definitly get no bad conscious because of exceeding eating habits. i'll miss that. but hey it is probably not bad for my eating habits that this show is ending... i definitly digest different from the two main characters. ;-P

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