open bag

in german television there seems to be no infotainment show which haven't analysed women by there handbag and its content. they say, show me your bag and i tell you who you are... since i never truly know, who i am i give you the opportunity to judge me due to my content in my evberyday bag. first of all i have about 3-5 everyday bags, mainly already full with stuff. i can't tell you how i choose the bag of a day. it's a feeling, i just grab the right, i dunno why.

this bag was purchased by my during my last vacation in italy..

adrem - newspaper of university of dresden, calender, key of car, handy, cosmetics and a perfume of naomie campell, a white hairgrip, cough drops and herb drops, tictac drops, apen, my pill, aspirin to go, a spoon and my pocket. unfortunately an empty bag of kleenex, and a playing schedule of dresden theater. i dunno why its in there. some foreign coins...
mostly there is either my usb-stick of 4gb or even an extern hard drive in there too... guess studying computer science makes you go crazy.

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