bad weather - not even a windy competition

if you know me, you know I'm a big fan of skijumping. believing my grandpa i was when i was 11days old. it happend to be, that 11 days after my birthday the yearly 4-jump-competition is startin in oberstdorf/germany. this year the competition seemed to be overflown by the austrian skijumpteam, but since new year it's happen to be much more exciting.
the news just flown, that my favorite jump from "berg isel" in innsbruck/austria is canceled. though the finnish team were merly surprised, saying we jump in finnland all the time at weather like this, the jury seemed more concerned to the health of the sportler.
i just dissapointed, since innsbruck is always my personal highlight of the tournee, and i don't remember a tournee with only 3 jumps... this sucks really bad, if you ask me.

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