i saw my first snow of this winterseason

as you know me, seeing the first real snow kinda keeps me alive. its like lorelai of the girlmorGirls says: "it's magic happening there". snow is something that makes life easier (okay so what you need to "clean" your car) - the world becomes more peaceful then.
that's at leats what it was! this year even snow leaves me stressed and frustrated by he weather. i'm literally freezing my butt off any time i'm giving the outsideworld a new chance. its grey, its cold, it's nearly alsway raining. mostly it's in between pouring or this mizzling thing, when you get wet, but it's to sissy to use an umbrella or something. the cold is crawling under your clothes and it doesn't even matter if you just take your garbage to the can or you walk a mile to work.
it's just depressing!

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