okay i know, i've been terribly with this blogging stuff. there is none whatsoever journallike character, since my blogging lacks some regularity.
so i swear i'l be better this semester. thought maybe i will take you on a journey with me through my exhibits, hopefully having to do with the film. yeah the one you've already know about. i'll write more about what i do, what i read, what is going on, so that you're kinda uptodate, even if i tend to not-answer email anymore (since it is getting a habit getting mails from professors and stuff, this is not my fav' thing anymore).
so next time i'll write more about my Giro d'Italia, and i guess mostly about real good coffee and real good food.

starting with a list: Books i just read
Truman Capote "Breakfast at Tiffany's"
Janet Evanovichs "Back to Bedroom" & "Rocky Road to Romance"
okay so they were really kinky, but it was vacation time, so sue me!

reading right now:
Walther Moers "Rumo"
Max Frisch "Mein Name sei Gantenbein"