SAD but true

(let me tell you elmo is not really red, elmo is green! i swear)
i slod this green little something which stood on the corner for 5 years, which drove me wherever i needed to go, which was noisy (even every day a bit more)... BUT this was MY first car and i loved that excuse of an car. Elmo was also called an accident waiting to happened...
not that it matters to anyone except me, but i miss elmo. i miss hin a lot. i cried when i sold it! I cleaned it at places where it never got cleaned anytime before. it got new shoes, it got clean interior. I did everything to get a good price. But nevertheless the price i got, was nothing compared to the loss. i sound pathetic? what do i care?

hope someone far east will love that little jonker as much as i did...

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