testing myself

as you know, there are a lot of testing portals all over the net providing test of your personality. inspired by some other blogs i merel read on regular basis, i found one describing myself surprisingly good.
since this is in german, i try to translate some of the page shown above:

- DREAMER - belonging to the group of idealists
►acts introvert
►thinks theoreticly
►decides on his feelings
►is living spontaniously
attributes: idealistic, enthusiastic, acceptable, reserved, friendly, emotional, loyal, perfectionist, sensitiv, spontanious, creative, helpful
description: ITSF dreamer have their own idealistic view on this world: ... their letting their instincts direct their life and have an enormous imagination. To be in line with their personal values and interact in that way is most essentiell.
"don't dream about your life, live your dream!"
having a typical chary smirk trying to appear elegant. though they are thoughtfully and complex persons, they appear calme and good humored like harald schmidt (german late night talker), trying to cheer people up by their sense of humor.... they hide their inner feelings, that's why the seem to be cool and reserve. but like storybook character bastian (balthasar bux from the "neverendning story by michael ende) they have lots of fantasies, are very creative sometimes losing themselves in daydreaming and have their difficulties in making decisions. They insert their surrounding and erverday life with a touch of orginality.
If they are truly confident in something or someone they are ready to make immense sacrifies.
They are relativly rare only representing 4 percent of the population.

so what you think, seems they know me.
according to the websites, i'm like : Luke Skywalker (storybook character from "Star Wars"), Amelié ( storybook character from "Die fabelhafte Welt der Amelié"), J.D. ( storybook character from "Scrubs" )
as well like: Michael "Bully" Herbig (German Comedian, making really funny movies),
Michael Jackson (popstar), Adam Sandler (actor), Jennifer Aniston (actor starring in "friends")
(for more see the linked website above)

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