reading the mens health

one article got my attention explaining how men identifie a woman, who is it worth to marry. first thing of all i think, this headline seem to catch attention from women than from men. don't you think? what i experienced men don't necessarily like to think of marriage while women merley dream about (especially their) wedding and following marriage. but it is getting even better, some of the given facts, somehow made me roar with laughter.
like, she is right, when she is screaming " will be becoming champion this season" while havin an orgasm. honestly this might be his dream coming true, but this will also only happen in his dreams, no questions about it. i definitly never met any woman who is able to think when having an orgasm (when she really is having one and not plays having one). and be sure she is definitly not thinking about his soccer team. maybe she is thinking about make him having a second round.
but there was also a point somehow i would definitly agree to. women who seem a bit or even some more crazy, will be garantied not to be boring. life will always have changes, will be more interesting and men will be surprised. though they keep complaining that craziness will lack some elegance and they may not be the one you will point by your friends by showing them off, but i guess they will be envied after a while, cause they experience some strange dreams more.
another point, she can have sex while his favourite metal/punk/hardrock music is playing. yeah this is a god point. but hey no music can be that disturbing like a tv disturbing in front of the bed. but guess what guys if you're able to comprimise, women can stand some metalmusic. metallica made some great ballads. and if men can stand here lovemusic once a while.
>>she can stand some crumbs within the bed.<<< men be sure, if you wake us with breakfast and more in the bed, every women can stand crumbs in the bed. this is no standard.

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