just one word

1.) your mobile? black
2.) your partner? the best
3.) your hair? red
4.) your dad? forgetful
5.) your mum? lovable
6.) fav' thing? camera or pen
7.) dream of last night?? crazy
8.) fav' drink? daiquiri
9.) fav' car? a "mexican beatle"
10.) room you are in? one word??? working/sleeping/creative room
11.) your ex? far away
12.) your biggest fear? sadness
13.) what is it you wanna be in 10 years? happy
14.) with whom did you spend last night? my boyfriend
15.) what is it, you definitly are not? glad
16.) what did you do last? reading
17.) what do you wear? pants & shirt
18.) fav' book? the never ending story
19.) what did you eat last? pasta
20.) your live? crazy
21.) your mood? sleepy
22.) your friend? definitly fantastic
23.) what are you thinking of right now? my bed
24.) What are you doing right now? writing?
25.) your summer? hopefully fantastic
26.) what is on tv? black screen
27.) when did you laughed last? about ten minutes ago
28.) when did you cried last? the night before last night
29.) school? damn long ago
30.) what do you listen? silence
31.) fav' thing to to on weekends? enjoy doing nothing
32.) fav' job? leaving enough space for creativity
33.) your computer? is named ernie
34.) outside your window? night
35.) beer? tasty
36.) mexican food? yummy
37.) winter? ahhh... snow...
38.) religion? needs more tolerance
39.) vacation? time off
40.) on your bed? my boyfriend (it's his)
41.) Love? my life

okay, so what sometimes i needed more than a word.. but hey, if you know me, you're pretty impressed by the shortness of my answers.

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