its getting even better

found an new statistic, this time it was published in petra. who would have guessed:
half of all men would like wo have more sex, only 1/3 of women think the same...
meaning, the 2/3 of women probably have bad sex. so since 50% of men want to increase their sexlife, there must be some who don't care. or they don't even realize, that their women aren't satisfied.. somehow they also found out, that 75% of men in a relationship like to have more sex, but only 16% of women linked with a partner think so. so are they truly satisfied, or is it the opposit, aren't they satisfied at all?? for me, all these statistic are popping up a whole lot of questions than solving these discussions...
somehow i found another fact, almost every second british women would stop having sex trading for getting a hundred years old. but british people seems always very strange

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