finding a new theory

while checking my mails online i almost stumbled right over another theorie totally getting on my nerves...
headlining: slim waist are the ideal of female beauty
at least that's what men attracts for thousands of years. okay, so we know that... slim waist, boobs like hell, firm ass, precisely what you see in next or last (or any) playboy magazin. but guess what: now its finally confirmed... though men probably only think about that topic with something not exactly known as their brain, this is nowadays confirmed by something called science (thanx someone is taking science serious). Scientist of Universities of Houston and Harvard did find out by thoroughly reading old english and asian literature, that a slim waist is a beauty ideal and finally issued their fantastic new found fact in a british scientific magazin called "Proceedings of the Royal Society". Impressing hmm??? It is said that a smal waist confirmes health and fertility... (this pops a questions: why the hell are nowadays only men with no further interest in an healthy relationship are interested in a especially slim waist, meaning underweight model like girls with no brain. okay who would like to share gens with them anyway, but why the interest in the first place??)
so thanx, that now i have a new goal: no need to worry about brain, hair on legs, unbootylisish bottom... start getting a slim waist.. maybe i should brake some ribs, so i could wear a corsage...

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